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IN THE LOOP » Jan/ Feb 2023

IN THE LOOP » Jan/ Feb 2023



Welcome to The Fish Ranch's first news blast. Enjoy it, share with friends, and send us thoughts & feedback!


saltwater fly fishing in baja california mexico roosterfish dorado jack


January/February 2023: January remains one of my favorite months. I love the calm cool unhurried days after the hectic holiday season, fiery sunsets, and most of all... world-class fish on the table, with a bite and fight strong enough to make you earn it. We're talking the arrival of Yellowtail (Jurel), Yellowfin Tuna, tons of Sierra and Bonita, monster Skipjacks and a few lingering Wahoo.... on top of some small-to-medium sized Dorado and Roosters still hanging around.

The Yellowtail and Yellowfin started off a bit deep but by mid-month were blitzing on the surface and within reach of a fly (10-12wt and full sink line). Another highlight was seeing schools of Milkfish around the Point. Those guys are top of the bucket list!

My motto for this time of the year is "fish rich, cash poor" because people tend to dismiss it and fly fishing bookings slow down. Yes, wind can be a challenge at times, but if you're slightly flexible with days, and ok with a little bump in the ride, Winter/Spring here can be truly epic. We're looking forward to fishing hard the next couple of months before the heat and crowds arrive, and we're excited to get you out there too. If you're considering a Spring trip down, don't hesitate to reach out.


sashimi baja fish white bonita with avocado and onion


White Bonita Sashimi: It's the thinner, more teethy and silver cousin of the Skipjack; the Bonita/Bonito is a short-lived fast-growing pelagic species in the mackerel family. And to many people's surprise, when prepared correctly, the rosy pink flesh is alike to Yellowfin.

It's crucial to bleed the fish immediately by removing the gills. Put on ice without crushing the meat and never let it sit in the sun or touch fresh water. Bonita should be eaten within a few days and typically not frozen. Skip this video forward to 7:30 minutes to see how to clean the fish and a blind taste test of Bonita vs Yellowfin.

fresh caught white bonita yellowtail grouper

Baja-Style Sashimi

✘ Avocado ✘ Cucumber ✘ Red Onion ✘ Lime Juice ✘ Olive Oil ✘ Ponzu ✘ Soy Sauce ✘ Wasabi ✘ Salsa Macha


saltwater fly kinky muddler various colors


Kinky Muddler: Distinguished by its fat synthetic head and wiggly natural tail, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile or widely used fly here in Baja than the Kinky Muddler. Enjoy this in depth conversation and tying demo with Jonny King on Masters of The Fly.

 Materials: Short Shank 2/0-4/0 Hooks, Fine Monofilament Thread, Bucktail, Saddlehackle, Kinky Fiber, Tan Marabou, 3D Eyes, Liquid Fusion Glue.

hosted womens fly fishing trip in baja mexico advertisement 


We joined the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance! Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our core values of Conservation and Community. Since Day 1, The Fish Ranch has used terrapass to offset our greenhouse gas footprint and we advise our guests to do the same for their travel. But there is much work to be done... Stay tuned for more reduction and offset initiatives! And tune into the Sustainable Angler podcast to hear a truly stellar line-up of guests discuss all things fly fishing, conservation, and sustainability.

Check out this article by Glenn Ueda: The Jan/Feb edition of Pacific Coast Sportfishing features Gary Bulla's team in Combing Baja for Roosters (pg. 36). If this doesn't get you excited for your next trip, nothing will!

"...the rich habitats both above and below the sea surface in this part of the Gulf of California hold an astounding amount of species. The bait populations here are abundant and support a huge population of pelagic and reef-dwelling fish. Coral reefs are adjacent to trenches of incredible depths and the displacements caused by wind and currents creates upwellings of plankton and the nutrients that are the foundation for life here. -Gary Bulla"

The new Museo del Vaqueros de Las Californias is reviewed in the latest edition of the Journal del Pacifico (pg. 6). As if we need another excuse to spend a lazy afternoon wandering this historic mining town!

"The new Museo de Vaqueros del las Californias in El Triunfo—The Cowboy Museum—is an intimate, yet gorgeously expansive look at the 300 years of families, traditions, skills, and tools that bind the Californias of Mexico and the United States in ways that no war or border can erase. It is a celebration of the great vaquero / cowboy culture that was born in Baja California, moved north with the cattle to Alta California, and still thrives today throughout the western United States." 


Watch your inbox for the next In The Loop featuring February's Fishing Report, gear reviews, whales, and more. As always, thank you for your support and being part of this community.
⪡⪢⪡ Mary & Sebas
Six Montana Fly Company's 'Nyacca' sardine pattern flies in a Fish Ranch logo'ed box: contains a selection of grey, olive and tan; sizes 2/0 and 4/0. These were designed specifically to target roosterfish and dorado here in Baja Sur. Use code IN THE LOOP at checkout for 15% off entire order. 
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