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Our large Baja Medley includes 24 flies + 2 billfish tube flies in our favorite Big Daddy Fly Box:  6 Clousers, 6 Crease flies, 6 Premier G. Simmons Baitfish, 12 Wiggy Air Hair Sardines and 2 Marlin Tube Flies in a Logo'd Big Daddy Fly Box (well built, waterproof high-quality box that will hold up to the rigors of saltwater fishing for years. It is our favorite for ease of use and size).

The premier baitfish patterns by G. Simmons are tied specifically for Baja's saltwater fish species including Roosterfish, Dorado, Tuna and Marlin. They come in an arrangement of sizes (4/0-8/0) and color (tans, white, blues and greens) to have you prepared for every situation. Hand-tied in California.  

The aptly named Wiggy Air Head has a hollow head that allows the material to have a swimming motion when retrieved. Made from Kanekalon wig hair and tied on Gamakatsu hooks. These are the go-to fly for Baja roosterfish. 

  • Hook sizes: 2/0, 3/0
  • Colors: White/Tan, White/Olive, White/Blue, White/Black
  • Hand-tied in California by Jay Murakoshi

The Billfish Tube Fly was developed by big game fly fishermen Cam Sigler.  This is a big game tube fly with a popper head which you can trail any hook size you like. The fly is in the 6  - 8 inch range. These are hand-tied in California by Jay Murakoshi.

  • Hook size: Unrigged
  • Color: Pink/White, Yellow/Blue
Clouser is the go-to fly for a wide variety of species including dorado, roosterfish, bonefish, jack crevalle, lady fish, queen fish, barramundi, stripers, large and small mouth bass.  The number one favorite color is White/Chartreuse. These are hand-tied in California by Jay Murakoshi.
  • Hook size: 1/0, 2, 4
  • Color: White/Chartreuse, Tan, Rust
The Crease Fly is for fish who feed on top or just below the surface.  They are tied on a heavy wire hump shank hook so the body won't twist.  Some of our favorite species to cast crease flies are roosterfish and dorado. These are hand-tied in California by Jay Murakoshi.
  • Hook size: 2/0 
  • Colors: Green/Yellow, Tan/White, Olive/White

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